MWC 2012 was the best place to find the newest mobile gear, and that it's over, check out the 10 best new tablets that can take on the iPad 3. Apple will unveil the new iPad March 7 in San Francisco, but other manufacturers have already shown off their best attempts at blowing Apple away. One of the ways Samsung, Asus, Sony, Tothiba and Fujitsu plan to do that is by including the Tegra 3 quad-core processing system in their 10 and seven-inch offerings.

While it's a solid marketing move, quad-core alone won't make tablets the must have items so-needed to come close to an iPad launch. No one will be camping out for the ZTE PF100, but if it only costs $350, it could do well. It's a quad-core 10-inch tablet running the Android 4.0 system. It also features a 1280x768p resolution LCD display, dual cameras and 16 gigabytes of storage. ZTE showed off the prototype at MWC 2012, so by the time it goes on sale, it could change a bit. Some of the best tablets had been hinted at before MWC, but were given a full release with pricing and availability info. Samsung and Asus fall into this category, but both companies debuted all new devices as well. Start the slideshow to see the 10 best new tablets to take on the iPad 3. Tell us in the comments if you're holding out for the Google branded tablet later this year, or if you're thinking the rumored iPad Mini might be a better choice.

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