The Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona went into its second day Tuesday without the Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5, but there were many other hot new gadgets you won't want to miss.

Much of the focus is on smartphones, and rightly so as consumers continue to dump their feature phones en masse, but there were just as many tablets released as Apple's rivals brace for the iPad 3 drop March 7. Sony showed off its Tablet P and let it be known the dual-screen folding tablet is coming to AT&T on Sunday for $400 on contract. Asus dumped several new tablets, including the Transformer Pad Infinity series.

Samsung will hold its own press conference, sometime before July, to announce the Galaxy S3 smartphone, but it also announced new tablets at MWC. HTC dropped the biggest newsmaker on day one with the quad-core One X, but there were really no other game-changing phones offered up on day two. There were plenty of nice devices displayed, but because of the strict guidelines offered up by U.S. broadband carriers, many of the smartphones will never come to the U.S.

Start the slideshow to see 10 of the hottest new gadgets you won't want to miss.

Tell us in the comments if you've followed along with MWC or if you're just waiting for the new iPad.

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