The same day as their one year anniversary of the "Fairytale Wedding" that lasted a mere 72 days, the ex-girlfriend of Kris Humphries Myla Sinanaj will testify in a deposition for his divorce to Kim Kardashian on Monday.

According to TMZ, 26-year-old Sinanaj will appear in a New York City court on Monday for a deposition and told friends she will testify for Humphries, who is seeking an annulment based on fraud. Sinanaj will reportedly make a statement declaring that Humphries "got played" by Kardashian and defrauded him in the marriage in order to gain publicity for her show.

She said despite having made money for appearing on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and the wedding special, "Kim's Fairytale Wedding," Humphries "hated the cameras and his life being on display."

Sinanaj, who works as a waitress, added that she plans to be "100 percent honest" during her sitting at the deposition Monday despite the "dead" status of her relationship with Humphries.

According to Hollywood Life, Sinanaj's attorney Susan Chana Lask said her client received four subpoenas to testify in the case.

"Myla's taking on the Kardashians," Chana Lask told Hollywood Life. "What does Myla have to do with this? Myla didn't even know this guy until after the divorce."

The brunette bombshell, who was Humphries girlfriend after his split from the reality starlet, even went as far as calling Kardashian a "cruel b--ch" for the subpoenas, TMZ reported.

Sinanaj is slated to sit for a deposition the same day as the anniversary of the Kardashian/Humphries wedding, which happened on Aug. 20, 2011. One year ago Monday, Kardashian walked down the aisle, televised for her two-part wedding special viewed by a rumored 4.4 million, wearing a princess-style strapless Vera Wang gown to marry boyfriend of seven months, Humphries.

But just 72 days later, on Oct. 31, 2011, the couple filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Humphries dated Sinanaj, who at one point said she was pregnant with the NBA star's baby, briefly after the split while Kardashian is currently dating rapper Kanye West.