A “naked caveman” is not waiting until Halloween to spook out people hiking near his cave in a Texas canyon.

Chris Redforn said he and some friends were hiking along McKellington Canyon in El Paso when they discovered a cave. A naked caveman then jumped out and chased Redforn and his friends away, according to KTRK (ABC News has footage of the caveman, who is wearing shorts, here.)

The allegedly naked Texas caveman said he’s lived in the canyon cave for three years, but denied allegations from local residents of bathing on the roof of a nearby apartment complex, stealing renters’ clothes and using the building’s laundry room.

"That's a lie," the Texas caveman, who did not divulge his name, told KVIA. "If that's true, where's the pictures? If that's true, what tattoos does he have? What is he built like? It's stupidity."

The Texas caveman said he survives through the kindness of strangers, donating his plasma and finding food scraps.

"From the dumpster buffets and the fast food joints," he told KVIA. "I'm a plasma donor. I'm not dying of anything, I'm drug-free and disease-free. God has blessed me with very good health."

El Paso residents said the Texas caveman is scaring them.

“I don’t feel safe,” one resident told KVIA.

Although he lives in a cave, the Texas caveman isn’t living entirely off the grid. He has a cell phone and is tuned in to current events in El Paso, referencing the city’s recently approved downtown ballpark and an effort to demolish City Hall, KVIA reported.

The man said those who complain about him have nothing better to do.

"What is my crime? You ask my good neighbors. Most of them help me," he said. "I'm sin-free in every city. I'm baptized and saved. They need to worry about their own selves, to repent and help the community more."