Naomie Harris has auditioned reportedly for the much coveted role of James Bond's girl in the 23rd Bond movie opposite Daniel Craig.

The 34-year-old British actress  is known for her roles as Tia Dalma in the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean series and 28 Days Later directed by Danny Boyle.

If she is chosen, she will join the elite club of the glamorous, sexy Bond girls.

Naomie herself is very thrilled to be chosen as one of the contenders. She said in  an interview that she had no issues with a Bond girl role, but said she didn't approve of stripping unnecessarily.

Eva Green's character in Casino Royale was not scantily clad. She was an intelligent, strong, modern woman,  she added in the interview to SkyTV.

She told BBC1 Radio, I've been the biggest fan of Bond for the longest time. I love the Bond movies. My whole family loves it and they'd be so proud of me.

Hollywood legend has it that being the female lead of a Bond movie is supposed to be a jinx with the ladies suffering in their careers. This jinx has been disproved time and again by the Bond girls. Jane Seymour, Teri Hatcher, Halle Berry, Diana Rigg, Eva Green , Kim Bassinger and Olga Kurylento all have gone on to build their careers after appearing as 007's girlfriends.

Naomie is not new to big budget Hollywood films. Apart from acting in the Pirates series, she has worked with Pierce Brosnan (After the Sunset), Jamie Foxx (Miami Vice) and Keanu Reeves (Street Kings).

She has just finished filming for The First Grader, a true story of a Kenyan lady who goes back to school at 84 which is doing the festival rounds at the moment.

Being auditioned and cast as James Bond's girl is bound to propel the actress into a bigger league in the industry.