As NASA closed one epic chapter of launching space shuttles in July it has opened another by devising an educational rap video that maps out the NASA mission.

According to The Escapist, NASA sent out a PR email saying NASA Education created a historical rap video for the Space Shuttle in time for back to school events. There was no further explanation as to why the medium chosen was a rap video.

The video starts with a group of youths dressed in colorful jump suits and tracksuits who come out of space shuttles into the NASA headquarters and start rapping about the history of the space program starting in 1981. The facts are accompanied by dancers and video clips from historic space shuttle launch moments.

The video has only had 2,271 views so far on YouTube but the comments have come flooding in. "It's still better than Justin Bieber and dubstep. Although the auto-tuned backing vocals are auto-tuned to completely the wrong keys -- using Antares is not exactly rocket science, people," wrote user RescoreThatTrailer.

"They should have outsourced this rap?video to the private sector like the shuttle program...," wrote user MrProdigalKnight.

The landing of NASA's space shuttle Atlantis on July.21 marked the end of NASA's historic 30-year space journey. "After serving the world for 30 years, the space shuttle has found its place in history," said Christopher Ferguson, the astronaut who commanded Atlantis' final mission, by radio to mission control. "Wheels stop." The ship came to rest at 5:58 a.m. EDT, after a flight of 12 days, 18 hours, 28 minutes and 55 seconds.