“Nashville” Season 3 returned on Wednesday and changed everything. Rayna and Deacon finally got together, but they weren’t the only Season 1 couple rekindling a spark. Gunnar (Sam Palladio) tried to tell Scarlett (Clare Bowen) how he felt, but she was already with her new beau Caleb (Nick Jandl). Meanwhile, Will (Chris Carmack) decided that he had to keep working with openly gay songwriter Kevin (Kyle Dean Massey), and Sadie (Laura Benanti) accidentally shot her ex-husband Pete (Jay Wilkison). After all of that drama, we have tons of questions for the “Nashville” writers that we hope are answered ASAP.:

1. How long will Deacon and Rayna stay together? In Season 1, their reunion only lasted a few episodes before Deacon discovered that Maddie (Lennon Stella) was his daughter and went on a bender. These two always find a reason that they can’t be together, but will they manage to work it out this time?

2. Will Deacon get a transplant? Now that Rayna knows, he might have a couple more options for potential donors.

3. Are Gunnar and Scarlett getting back together? Obviously Gunnar wants that, but does Scarlett return the feelings?

4. How will Scarlett handle Rayna taking care of her uncle? Scarlett has acted as Deacon’s caregiver since he was diagnosed. Will she be happy to share some of the responsibility with Rayna, or will it cause a little jealousy?

5. Does Kevin know Will is gay? When Will went to the songwriter, he said that Kevin could understand what he was going through, but he didn’t explicitly come out.

6. Could Will actually come out soon? We’re hoping that by spending so much time with Kevin, who is out and still successful in country music, the country crooner will finally decide to be honest.

7. What will Juliette name her baby? This one we actually have some scoop on. It’ll either be Cadence, Nina, Bella or Blythe, and fans can choose by voting here.

8. Does Jeff (Oliver Hudson) love Layla (Aubrey Peeples)? He said he wanted to change and try an actual relationship with her. Although Layla doesn’t believe he is capable, could Jeff actually be in love with her? We don’t think he would bother with a relationship if there weren’t some serious feelings already.

9. Will Luke (Will Chase) date Sadie? That trip to the coffee shop felt an awful lot like a date. The two really seemed to connect, but there may be another woman in Luke’s life. He is reportedly going to spend a lot of time with Christina Aguilera’s character, Jade St. John.  

10. Is Pete actually dead? He fell down, so he definitely got shot. However, audiences don’t know if it was fatal. If he is awake, we have to wonder what he’ll tell the police.

11. Will Luke help bury a body? If Pete is dead, will Luke help Sadie hide the body? He’s pretty powerful in Nashville, so he has to have a few shady connections that could help. Of course, if he doesn’t want to be involved, the singer might just let the police deal with Sadie.

“Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Do you have other questions you want answered? Sound off in the comments section below!