“Nashville” Season 3 will premiere on Sept. 24, and it’ll bring plenty of drama. The premiere will deal with Rayna’s (Connie Britton) decision between Luke (Will Chase) and Deacon (Chip Esten) and the fallout from Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) and Avery’s (Jonathan Jackson) break up. If you need some more detailed spoilers on your favorite characters in Music City, find out everything you need to know below:

1. Juliette Is Pregnant

The show decided to write in Hayden Panettiere’s pregnancy. However, last season ended with Juliette cheating on Avery with record label executive Jeff, so she might not know who her baby daddy is.

2. Live Performances

The premiere will feature live performances for both the east and west coast airings of “Nashville.” Deacon, Will (Chris Carmack) and Florida Georgia Line will be the featured live performers, and Deacon and Will’s songs will be available for free download right after the premiere at ABC Music Lounge.

3. Guest Stars

Florida Georgia Line won’t be the only famous faces in “Nashville” Season 3. Luke Bryan will make a brief appearance while Broadway vet Laura Benanti and “Dancing With The Stars” pro Derek Hough will have recurring roles. Benanti will play Sadie Stone, a new country singer who gets friendly with Rayna. Hough will play Noah West, an actor working on a Patsy Cline bio pic in Music City. Juliette is hoping to be involved with the film, and she might be getting involved with Noah professionally and romatically.

4. Deacon vs. Luke

Rayna will be making her decision in the premiere, but that won’t eliminate either man from her life. All signs are pointing to Luke as her choice, though. Deacon and Luke will be fighting over how much Deacon sees Maddie (Lennon Stella), which would only make sense if Luke was Rayna’s fiancé. It appears the competition between the two men isn’t just about Rayna anymore.

5. Deacon’s New Love Interest

Deacon will meet Pam (Brette Taylor), one of Luke’s back up singers. Their dark pasts will connect them both, but their strong personalities might cause more fighting than bonding.

6. Gunnar’s Ex

Gunnar’s (Sam Palladio) ex-girlfriend Kylie (Alexa Vega) will come to town and introduce Gunnar to her son. Gunnar hasn’t seen Kylie in about 10 years and her son is about 10-years-old. It’s definitely not going to help his relationship with Zoey (Chaley Rose), who is about to go on her first tour.

7. Tandy Is Leaving

Rayna’s sister, Tandy (Judith Hoag), will head out to San Francisco early in “Nashville” Season 2. A non-profit organization makes her an offer that’s too good to refuse, and it looks like someone else will have to babysit Rayna’s kids.

“Nashville” Season 2 will premiere Wednesday, Sept. 24, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Which characters are you most excited to see again? Sound off in the comments section below!