“Nashville” Season 3 might be the end of Deacon and Rayna. The Season 3 premiere will reveal Rayna’s answer to Deacon’s proposal and these new spoilers aren’t really giving Rayna and Deacon fans hope. We already saw Rayna performing with Luke’s ring, so we know she will turn down Deacon. However, Deacon might give up on Rayna completely after she turns him down.

Deacon will become enamored with Luke’s backup singer, Pam (Brette Taylor). The two could be attracted to each other, but their strong personalities might conflict. "They're very different people," showrunner Dee Johnson told TV Line.

However the two will have similar histories to bond over. Pam has “lived through a lot, and she’s come out the other side of it,” Johnson said. “But if you really look, on paper, Deacon has a pretty dark past, too.”

Overcoming a tortured past can certainly bond a couple, but Deacon and Rayna have a history that’s undeniable. Could they really be giving up? His relationship with Rayna will never really be over because of their daughter Maddie. As previously reported, Luke will try to interfere in Deacon’s relationship with Maddie. Rumor has it the country crooners will be fighting over how much time Deacon is allowed to spend with Maddie.

Deacon didn’t know he was Maddie’s father until last season and it looks like Gunnar might also discover he has unknowingly become a dad, TV Line reported, when Gunnar’s ex-girlfriend Kylie (Alexa Vega) shows up in Nashville. He hasn’t seen her in about ten years and he’ll meet her son who is about ten years old. Kylie and her son will come into town right as Gunnar's girlfriend Zoey heads out on her first tour. It looks like “Nashville” Season 3 is going to have plenty of baby daddy drama between Deacon fighting to see Maddie, Gunnar’s potential kid and Juliette’s pregnancy.

"Nashville" Season 3 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Do you think Deacon and Pam will work out or will he always come back to Rayna? Sound off in the comments section below!