“Nashville” fans spent all summer waiting to see whose marriage proposal Rayna (Connie Britton) would accept, but her wedding to Luke (Will Chase) won’t take nearly as long. Rayna already has her dress, and Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive picture of it. However, many fans are wondering if she’ll make it down the aisle.

 As Rayna gets closer to her wedding date, she has had more problems with Luke. Throughout the season, Luke has made it clear that he hates Deacon (Charles Esten), the father of Rayna’s older daughter, Maddie (Lennon Stella). He forced Deacon to stay on his tour only to continually get mad at him throughout the tour. Once Rayna found a prenuptial agreement in Luke’s bag, she wasn’t happy with him, but she couldn’t be too focused on that during the CMA Awards. Luke was busy getting drunk after losing so many awards and taking out his anger on Rayna, and that might’ve felt all too familiar to Deacon’s ex. Her fiance told her, “The only reason your album went gold is because I proposed to you the day you released it.”

Rayna and Luke made up after the CMA Awards, but can she truly forget what he said? Deacon could notice the tension between them when he was watching the awards show from home. When Luke and Rayna won an award for their duet “Ball And Chain,” he basically said that the song was all his. “So what’s he saying? Rayna couldn’t have done it without him?” Deacon asked.

Deacon obviously hopes that Rayna reconsiders her decision. He has been heartbroken since she turned down his proposal. The two have a long history, but it’s hard for Rayna to forget all of the dark times she shared with Deacon. He has gotten serious about his sobriety and stepped up as a father for Maddie. However, he has also been throwing himself a pity party for months now, and that’s not too attractive. Yet he lets Rayna have her independence. They were never marketed as a couple the way Rayna and Luke are. The fan support for “Ruke” makes Rayna feel like she’s living under a microscope. That might make her change her mind about her decision.

Deacon will cause even more of a rift in episode 9. In order to keep Maddie’s make out session with Luke’s son, Colt (Keean Johnson), off the record, Rayna revealed intimate details about her relationship with Deacon. It might make Luke even more jealous and push them further apart. 

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Even if Luke and Rayna don’t get married, there might be another wedding before the season is over. Another country star is rumored to be heading down the aisle.

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