“Nashville” dropped the baby shocker that we’d all been waiting for in the Season 3 premiere: Juliette is pregnant. Hayden Panettiere is pregnant in real life, so it would seem like Juliette is going to keep the baby. After all, the writers added the pregnancy storyline to accommodate Panettiere’s pregnancy, right? It seems like they might be hiding her baby bump after all because E! Online is teasing that Juliette isn’t so sure that she is keeping the baby.

In episode 2, Juliette is pretty busy between meeting with her “Project Runway” stylist and auditioning for her Patsy Cline movie, but she’ll find time for a secretive doctor’s appointment. The singer is "determined to keep her pregnancy a secret -- from everyone," according to E! Online

Juliette will consider taking a "drastic measure starts with 'a'" -- it seems like E! Online definitely isn't hinting at adoption. While "Nashville" fans will have to wait until episode 2 airs, it sounds like Juliette is considering an abortion, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll go through with the procedure.

If Juliette gets an abortion, she could damage her career. The country star is still recovering from the viral video where she said, “There is no God.” Although the sound bite was edited and taken out of context, fans still burned her albums, concert venues canceled stops on her tour and she was eventually dropped from Edgehill Records. If her remaining fans find out Juliette Barnes got an abortion, the starlet might not have much of a career left.

“Nashville” will also reveal the father of her baby by the end of episode 2. Will it be her sweet ex-boyfriend Avery (Jonathan Jackson) or slimy record label executive Jeff (Oliver Hudson)? The answer will definitely make Juliette cry, but we can’t say if those are tears of terror or relief.

“Nashville” Season 3 episode 2 will air on Wednesday, Oct. 1, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Who do you think Juliette’s baby daddy is? Sound off in the comments section below!