There is a line between business and pleasure, but everyone on “Nashville” likes to cross it. In “Nashville” Season 4, episode 8, Luke (Will Chase) decided that he finally wanted a real relationship with his image consultant Gabriella (Cynthia McWilliams). Meanwhile, Deacon (Charles Esten) avoided talking to Rayna (Connie Britton) about parenting, so Rayna ended up expressing her feelings to her new artist Markus (Riley Smith).

Rayna’s Family Drama: Markus keeps Rayna in the studio until 6 a.m. When she comes home, she’s immediately angry that Maddie (Lennon Stella), who is still grounded, has dyed her hair. When Bucky (David Alford) calls, he reveals that Sony has offered to sign the teenager. Rayna immediately turns him down, but Maddie overhears the conversation and freaks out.

Rayna is a little upset that Deacon doesn’t have any answers to help her calm Maddie. Deacon promises to support his lover’s decision, but Rayna wants him to help her. Instead, Deacon buries himself in work at the bar.

Rayna actually manages to have a heart to heart with Markus about Maddie. Markus and Rayna exchange stories about their early days in the business. Rayna says she is scared because Maddie is just as determined as she was at 16, but she wants to protect her daughter. Markus grabs her hand and tells Rayna that she turned out fine after growing up in the business.

Back at home, Daphne (Maisy Stella) is upset that Maddie was offered a record deal, but she wasn’t. Maddie tries to explain that they’re in different places, but Daphne thinks that no one needs or wants her.

When Deacon comes home from the bar, he reasons that he has no idea what Maddie needs. Rayna explains that neither of them know what to do, but they need to work together. Rayna has an idea about Maddie that she runs past Deacon. Rayna offers Maddie and Daphne a record deal, but they have to do it together. Daphne is beyond excited, but Maddie feels like it’s just a way for her mother to stay in control.

Rayna and Deacon are in bed later, and they seem to have worked out their small fight. Rayna invites her man to jump in the shower with her, but Deacon sees a text on her phone before he follows. “Great talk today. Hope I helped,” the text from Markus reads. Deacon doesn’t look happy about the message.

The Exes: Scarlett (Clare Bowen) isn’t sure Gunnar (Sam Palladio) feels the tour is important. When she goes down to the venue early to meet some fans, Gunnar is busy in his hotel room with Erin (Scout Taylor-Compton).

Scarlett starts to get on Erin’s case about the sound. She asks the new girl to adjust her monitors before the show, and during the concert, Scarlett gestures for her to turn up the monitor’s sound multiple times. Eventually, the power cuts out. Luckily, Scarlett and Gunnar just go with the flow and do an acoustic set.

Scarlett thinks Gunnar will go easy on his girlfriend, but she is surprised to find that he is yelling at Erin. He threatens to kick her off tour. Scarlett thanks him, but once Erin apologizes, she is back in his good graces.

Caleb (Nick Jandl) is frustrated that he and Scarlett never seem to be able to have a real conversation. The two finally get to talk in the middle of the night, and Scarlett says that she realizes how much she needs her boyfriend. Once she tries to tell him about her day, he quickly ends the conversation and says that he has an early morning.

Luke’s Son: Colt (Keean Johnson) is on his fourth therapist this week who says that he is very withdrawn and has trust issues that clearly need to be dealt with. Luke (Will Chase) is feeling guilty for his son’s issues as well as Juliette’s (Hayden Panettiere) breakdown and Jeff’s (Oliver Hudson) death. “I feel like a hell of a lot of pain is happening on my watch,” he says. “It’s hard not to feel responsible.” Gabriella tells him it’s not his fault, and then the two kiss.

They’re definitely crossing the lines of business and personal much more than Gabriella intended. Luke wants to start a real relationship with his image consultant. She finally agrees, but she wants to keep their relationship quiet.

Luke tells Colt about his new relationship in an effort to always be honest. Colt knows they were together the night Jeff died, and he doesn’t really care about the other details.

Will’s Song: Avery (Jonathan Jackson) finds Will (Chris Carmack) writing songs, and Will is embarrassed. He has never written on his own before. Avery assures him that it’s an amazing tune, but Will is afraid to sing something so personal.

When Avery brings him to songwriter’s night at the Bluebird, Will bolts. Avery sings the song Will wrote, and even though it’s about Will’s breakup, Avery can’t help but think of Juliette. He flashes back to all of their important moments as a couple and starts to tear up on stage. He receives much applause and even makes some audience members cry.

Avery comes home and gives Will the business card from a music publisher. It seems Avery wasn’t just trying to make his friend feel good. It’s a genuinely good song.

Elsewhere in this episode:

  • Avery is doing awful radio jingles to make money.
  • Layla is with her family in Connecticut after Jeff's death, so they’re pushing her album.
  • Gabriella says that Juliette is doing well in rehab.

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