In a recent Vanity Fair article, special correspondent Maureen Orth claims that Nazanin Boniadi was selected from a group of Scientologist actresses to play the role of Tom Cruise's girlfriend.

The role, which would be a real life gig, reportedly came out of "a top-secret process" devised by the Church of Scientology in which the organization auditioned actresses to play the real-life role of girlfriend for Tom Cruise, according to Vanity Fair.

Orth wrote in the October issue of the magazine that Boniadi was selected from the process, where girls were told they were auditioning for a training film, and asked "What do you think of Tom Cruise?"

The article suggests that the process was "a month-long preparation" and that Boniadi was "told to lose her braces, her red highlights and her boyfriend." It also claims that the Iranian-born, London-raised actress even signed a confidentiality agreement and was told if she "messed up" she would be declared an enemy of Scientology, the magazine wrote.

In the article, Orth, who interviewed "several sources," claims that the entire arrangement was headed by Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology chief David Miscavige.

Reps for Cruise told ABC that the entire story was fabricated, saying "Lies in a different font are still lies - designed to sell magazines." The Church of Scientology also reportedly denied that there was any such recruiting project.

According to Vanity Fair, Boniadi and Cruise first met in November 2004. The 32-year-old actress "first sensed that this was possibly going to be an arranged marriage." Although they spent their first night together "they did not have sex," the magazine reports.

Boniadi reportedly moved into Cruise's home and was given a credit card issued in the name of his production company as her only source of money.

The report goes on to make claims that Cruise told Boniadi, "I've never felt this way before," and that eventually his affection became "overwhelming" for the actress. Cruise reportedly complained to Boniadi, "I get more love from an extra than from you," according to Vanity Fair.

The relationship ended in January 2005, the magazine reported, just three months before Cruise appeared in public with Katie Holmes.

The story of Boniadi and Cruise surfaced after the actress was reportedly sent to a Scientology center where she broke down and revealed her relationship to a friend, which supposedly violated her confidentially agreement. According to Vanity Fair, the Church of Scientology punished Boniadi by making her do chores, which included "scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush, cleaning tiles with acid and digging ditches in the middle of the night."

The Church of Scientology, however, denied this to the magazine, saying, "The Church does not punish people, especially in that way."

Boniadi's supposed failed relationship with Cruise was followed up by an appearance in the soap opera "General Hospital." She also had a role in the 2010 blockbuster film, "Iron Man."

Boniadi is now a spokesperson for Amnesty International and no longer involved with Scientology, according to the magazine.