The NBA Draft is this Thursday and the Cleveland Cavaliers have the enviable position of having the first pick.

The Cavs seem intent on drafting Duke point guard Kyrie Irving, while the consensus second pick is Arizona forward Derrick Williams.

Cleveland is so high on both players, that the Cavs are interested in trading the fourth pick and other players to move up to the second pick to draft Williams.

But are the Cavs better off with Irving or Williams?

Irving only played 11 games last season as a freshman after a turftoe injury, so there isn't much to look to in terms of game experience. However, in the games Irving did play he showed great promise as a floor general, and NBA scouts are enamored with his court vision and pass-first mentality.

The 6'2 star is also a very capable scorer. He is good at attacking the rim, and creating his own shot.

However, Irving probably lacks the athleticism and speed of other point guards selected first overall, like Derrick Rose and John Wall, and does not have the same kind of deadly first step.

Unlike Rose, who proved at 22 that a young point guard can take you far, Irving looks like he will become a high-quality point guard but will have trouble breaking through into the elite category with the likes Chris Paul and Deron Williams

Williams might have the most upside of any prospect in Thursday's draft. While he's somewhat of a tweener, Williams has the athleticism and skills to play both forward positions effectively. Against bigger, slower power forwards, Williams is capable of staying around the perimeter, and then using his penetration skills to fly past defenders or simply just hitting outside shots.

Against smaller defenders, Williams can back them down and use his polished inside game to score. Any NBA team would have to covet a forward with this combination of size, speed, and skill.

The Cavs are rebuilding due to the departure of LeBron James, so drafting a talented and intelligent point guard is a safe selection.

But Williams appears to be the prospect with more potential to be a star.