Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the P5+1 group on Tuesday, saying that by allowing Iran to enrich uranium to 20 percent levels, Russia, China, France, Britain, the United States and Germany -- who held negotiations with Tehran last week -- have allowed Iran to continue developing a nuclear weapon.

After several rounds of talks, the Iranians were only asked to stop low-level enrichment of uranium, Netanyahu said at a security conference at Tel Aviv University. They are proceeding all the time with their plans to develop nuclear bombs.

Israel, which views Iran's budding nuclear development program as a direct threat, may have already taken matters into its own hands. Vice Prime Minister and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya'alon suggested on Army Radio on Tuesday that Israel was behind the recently discovered Flame bug, a Tehran-targeted computer worm that can spy on infected computers.

Anyone who sees the Iranian threat as a significant threat -- it's reasonable [to assume] that he will take various steps, including these, to harm it, Ya'alon said Tuesday morning. Israel is blessed as being a country rich with high-tech. These tools that we take pride in open up all kinds of opportunities for us.