Reports are claiming that Casey Anthony's lawyer Jose Baez is in New York negotiating to secure a deal with major TV networks for the first interview with the acquitted mother.

The networks NBC, ABC and CBS, who claim they don't pay for interviews, want to license photos and other content in exchange for large sums of money.

NBC seems to have the lead in negotiations, followed closely by ABC, according to TMZ.

Baez is reported to be staying at the posh Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City, paid for by NBC, reports TMZ. He allegedly met with lawyer Mark Geragos for advice on securing the deal.

TV producer Al Taylor earlier claimed that he had met with Casey Anthony at an unnamed Palm Springs hotel in Southern California regarding a $1 million deal for an exclusive interview in which she would have to take a lie detector test.

However, a statement issued by Anthony's attorney Jose Baez contradicts the claim: Neither I nor Casey Anthony have ever met with or have any intention of meeting with Al Taylor.

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