As the Nintendo Wii video game system continues gain in popularity worldwide, one firm is developing a new 3D video camera controller that may provide a new way to build upon the motion control already being used on the system.

3DV Systems, based in Israel, announced this week that ZCam is the first camera of its kind that offers unparalleled total immersion in the interactive experience.

The new device senses depth in real-time and has a capability for fine gesture recognition that can be changed radically into human-machine interfaces, 3DV Systems said in a statement.

The Nintendo Wii's current is held and can be sensed by an infrared sensor several feet away.

ZCam enables gamers, in a way never before possible to interact intuitively and naturally with games, Zvika Klier, CEO of 3dv Systems said according to the company's press release. We invite content developers to join us in creating a new innovative experience, and are very excited by the reaction of the developing community so far.

3DV Systems says gesture-based controls will open a new world of innovation in games and boasts of the highest resolution on the market.

In the game, motion can be navigated with a thumb or the entire body can become the controller through three-dimensional movements.

Players can be represented with their own real-time image and the game can be operated either bare-handed or with a designated object, replacing the need for a control pad. The ZCam works independently of lighting conditions and it is easy portable.

Correction: December 17, 2007

A story on December 15 incorrectly stated that 3DV Systems is introducing its ZCam for the Nintendo Wii game system. The ZCam has not launched for the system. At the time of the announcement, 3DV is inviting content developers to join the company in creating new games for the camera.