A new iteration of “BlazBlue” is set to hit game consoles in 2016, and it may come with some new mechanics. The creator of the game, Toshimichi Mori, has expressed interest in bringing team mechanics and a team battle mode to the new “BlazBlue,” as a way to make the game feel fresh and to compete with the other big fighting games on the market.

This is an interesting development, as “BlazBlue” has always been a one-on-one fighting game, whereas other games like “Marvel vs Capcom” and “Tekken” have adopted the mechanic years ago. Still, considering that the game has a large roster of 28 characters and the possibility of some new ones, it’s not that hard a concept to execute.

These plans were revealed on Siliconera when Mori asked the site and its fans if they would want to see team battles in the next “BlazBlue” game. The creator even offered the fans two styles of fighting game team mechanics to choose from: the “Capcom vs SNK 2” style, where a team of three switches at random, or the “Tekken Tag Tournament” style, where characters switch on the whim of the player.

Mori is expecting the game to hit the Sony PlayStation 4, so either version is optional, given how powerful the console is. If there is any downside to adding a team mechanic option, it would be that the gameplay and style fans are accustomed with in a “BlazBlue” game would have to be toned down, as stated in a report from Shoryuken.

Another interesting option brought up by Mori was the possibility of having a crossover between “BlazBlue” and “Guilty Gear.” Considering that both games are under Arc System Works, the idea is possible and both games use a similar graphical engine. However, Mori stated that he and the other developers involved want the crossover to be done right, so it might take a while before any news about that particular game comes out.

Will the new “BlazBlue” game have a team mechanic? It all depends on Mori, Arc System Works and fan reaction to the announcement that was made. For now fans can look forward to a new “BlazBlue” game next year.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma - Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)