A new bookclaims that Sarah Palin has used cocaine in the past and had a six-month affair with one of her husband's business partners.

The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, written by Joe McGinniss, will be published Sept. 20. It has claimed that Palin had an affair with Brad Hanson, who was running a snowmobile dealership with her husband. Todd, her husband, soon discovered the affair and subsequently ended the business deal with Hanson.

In addition, the book has made the claim that the former Alaska governor and Miami Heat basketball player Glen Rice had a one-night stand. The two met in 1987 when Palin was working as a sports reporter for KTUU television and he was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska.

Another allegation in the book is that she was taking cocaine. The book claims that she used to routinely used the drug along with her husband.

Sarah Palin came into prominence when she was selected by John McCain to be his vice presidential candidate in 2008. She has now associated herself with the Tea Party movement in the U.S.

McGinniss has written several political books, including works on former president Richard Nixon and on Alaska.