The first feature-length trailer for the highly anticipated dystopian film “Divergent” was released by Summit Entertainment Wednesday.

The official trailer, released live on Summit’s official YouTube channel “SummitScreeningRoom” Wednesday afternoon, had more than 6,000 views during its premiere. Unveiled by director Neil Burger, the trailer marks the first time fans of the best-selling young-adult book series by Veronica Roth have seen extended scenes of actress Shailene Woodley playing lead character Tris Prior, a “dauntless“ fighter in a postapocalyptic Chicago.

"Divergent" Official Feature-Length Trailer:

“I’m really excited to be here today with you to introduce the worldwide premiere of the ‘Divergent’ trailer,” said Burger, who stuck around for a live chat with fans following the premiere. According to Burger, his main goal in creating the film was to stay true to the book and keep the film looking “real” despite its futuristic setting. “We’ve seen other movies that take place in the future and so I wanted to do something a little bit different,” he said, adding, “I wanted you to feel like you were really there. We see futuristic movies as kind of CGI and digital landscapes, and I didn’t want to do any of that.”

Woodley and her “Divergent” co-star Miles Teller (Peter) unveiled the first teaser trailer for the action flick at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, well in advance of the film's March 21, 2014, release.

"Divergent" Teaser Trailer:

Following the release of the teaser, filmmakers posted the featurette “Factions” to better explain the separate societies the characters in the “Divergent” story are sorted into, based on five personality traits: compassion, honesty, intelligence, selflessness and bravery. “After so many years of war and pain, humanity has reached a time where the only way they perceive themselves to survive is to create a new system of democracy,” explained “Divergent” star Theo James, adding, “That is splitting yourself into five different ways of thinking, five factions.”

"Divergent" Faction Featurette: