Looking to score a new iPad early? You’re out of luck. Reports are coming in that the new iPad has been sold out, but the most devastating new is the fact that there is a new shipping date for those pre-ordered iPads. The new date is March 19, and there will only be two new iPads per customer, to make sure everyone goes home with something in their hands.

With demands for the new iPad off the charts, there is no doubt in our mind that Apple’s new device is gearing up to be a runaway success. With vast amount of tablets out there from the many Android manufacturers, not one was able to replicate the iPad success, and while things might change in 2012, it is highly unlikely that any other tablet will come close emulating the success of the new iPad.

Some might be wondering what will contribute to the new iPad’s massive success in 2012? The answer is simple - the new Retina display and the awesome graphics that Quad Core GPU will bring to the table.

The new Retina HD display on the new iPad makes it the first tablet to achieve 2048×1536 pixels, something only seen on top-end computers, making this a monumental achievement in technological advancement. Browsing the Internet on the new iPad should give desktop like performance and feel - these are what tablet users have been longing for. Applications and games will be so much better, pictures and videos you have taken of your loved ones will shine here, nothing will ever look this good on a mobile device unless something better comes out before the year ends.

With the new Quad Core GPU present, the new iPad is expected to deliver games with graphics never before seen on a tablet. We expect games optimized for the tablet to have console and PC-like graphics, truly ushering in the post-PC era. There have been so many talks about the post-PC era, but to us, it has just begun with the new iPad.

There is a huge problem faced by the competition.

Computer monitors with the new iPad resolution cost over $1000. So the question is this - how will competing tablet manufacturers replicate what Apple has done, without adding a sizeable amount to the cost of their tablets? The 2012 tablet war is indeed turning out to be a classic suspense novel.

(Reported by Vamien McKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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