Apple is slated introduce a new iPhone this September, reported to have a more sophisticated camera and stronger computer chip for data processing, according to a report from Bloomberg. But that's nothing compared to a new lifesaving app, available now.

The iPhone 5's new camera will be 8-megapixel: 3 megapixels up from the iPhone 4, and the phone will use a powerful A5 processor.

Surprisingly, these are some of the less exciting advancements in iPhone technology, at least by comparison to a new app that can check moles for signs of skin cancer.

The Skin Scan app for iOS keeps track of the shape and size of your moles and alerts, and by comparing pictures, determines whether any are growing or just suspicious and demand medical attention.

Out just in time for summer sunbathing, the app's Web site reveals that it is already quite popular, the world over.

The team behind the app is from Romania.

The app costs $9.99 at the iTunes App Store.