Have you ever bought the wrong "League of Legends" item in your haste to rush back to the battlefield? Fear not! Riot Games has announced that the new "LoL" patch, which is called patch 3.11, will introduce an "undo" button to the "League of Legends" item shop. The undo button will let you erase your "LoL" shopping mistakes by essentially selling items back to the item shop for a full refund.

There are some caveats, though.

If you want to sell an "LoL" item back to the item shop, the item can't make an impact on the game in any way. If the item in question is a weapon, you can't deal damage to an enemy minion or champion with the item in your possession. If the item provides you and your allies with an aura, like Aegis of the Legion, it is deemed to have made an impact on the game, which means that you can no longer "undo" the purchase.

The same goes for items with debuffs like Abyssal Scepter. Once the debuff hits an enemy champion, you won't be able to sell it back to the item shop. Does the item you want to sell back to the "LoL" item shop grant you health regeneration over time? If so, it can't be sold back to the "LoL" item shop. If the "LoL" item you want to sell back grants you gold per second like Kage's Lucky Pick, the gold you accumulated while the item was in your possession will also be taken away from you.

Riot Games said that "purchases can't be reversed if those items have had an irreversible impact on the game (dealing damage, mitigating damage, healing providing a bonus that is used by a teammate, etc)."

We really like that Riot Games has introduced this feature. Even though our hands are pretty steady, we've occasionally made the mistake of purchasing the wrong item (like an extra pair of boots, for example). We're glad that "LoL" players will no longer be punished for mistakes that could completely derail your "LoL" item build and your champion's progression.

We're also thrilled that Riot Games appears to be doing everything possible to make sure that the item shop's undo button won't be abused by players looking to cut corners in order to get ahead. We can only hope that Riot Games will plug any leaky holes should any intrepid "LoL" players discover exploitable loopholes.

What do you think of the new "LoL" item shop's undo button ? Do you think the undo button is a good idea? Why or why not? Can you think of any loopholes? Sound off in the comments below.