Vera Wang will present at Lincoln Center for Mercedes-Benz's New York Fashion Week on Valentine's Day at 11 a.m.

Click here to watch the Vera Wang Fall 2012 runway show, live from Lincoln Center. Already in the crowd at Vera Wang are Vogue's Anna Wintour, actress Viola Davis and tennis player Maria Sharapova. Davis may be keeping her eyes peeled for a potential Oscars gown. 

YouTube has been airing live streams of the fashion shows all week via the Live from the Runway channel. Later on Tuesday, the channel will air Dennis Basso (3 p.m.) and Narcisco Rodriguez (8 p.m.).

In January, Wang presented her Fall 2012 line of wedding gowns, inspired by witchcraft. So genius, right? In Wang's words, the gowns are: Light, airy, concoctions of froth.... inspired by black and nude undergarments, both mysterious and sexy, frivolous and fun, with transparent wisps of carefully organized tulle. 

Wang presented a collection of stunning blush tones, shadowy noirs and deep blacks. It was a thrillingly modern twist on a classic gown.

Her Pre-Fall 2012 collection was inspired by Jane Birkin and vintage YSL. The mix of girlish femininity and androgynous sex appeal were channeled in Wang's collection. Gray wool, watercolor prints, tied chiffon blouses, chunky sweaters, boxy blouses and tuxedo jackets fit the bill for Wang's muse.

We cannot wait to see what she has in store for Fall 2012!