New York has experienced a snow drought since a rare Halloween storm dumped 2.9 inches in Central Park in 2011, but New York snow 2012 will get under way this weekend as moisture moves into freezing temperatures from the Midwest. 

The National Weather Service has posted a Winter Weather Advisory for New York City beginning Saturday at 1 a.m. and continuing until Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. Snowfall accumulations of four to six inches are expected, with 100 percent chance of precipitation. 

Earlier in the week it appeared moisture with the system would be light enough that temperatures would be above freezing in New York after the mid-morning hours, but it has developed significant moisture to allow for dynamic cooling, which will keep temperatures below freezing in the city Saturday. The heaviest snowfall with the system is expected to fall from about sunrise Saturday morning through early in the afternoon.

The snowfall will be accompanied by winds from the north, northeast at 10 to 20 miles per hour.

Accumulation amounts in New Jersey and surrounding areas of the city could be heavier.

The NWS said travel difficulties will arise due to snow covered roads and limited visibilities.

Snow accumulation is expected in Manhattan, as temperatures Friday night remained below freezing at 28 degrees before arrival of moisture moving in from the west. One to two inches was expected to fall before sunrise, with another one to three inches in New York City accumulating before the end of the day Saturday. The high temperature forecast for New York on Saturday is 30 degrees.

The snow storm is the same one that dumped six inches or more on the Chicago area Friday, canceling more than 700 flights.

New York hasn't had measurable snow since Halloween 2011, when a rare storm dumped the highest snowfall ever recorded on the city for that earlier in the season. Still, it has been a welcome relief from many from last winter when New York recorded one of its heaviest seasonal snowfalls ever. One storm dumped some three feet on snow in the city last year.