Sure, there might be the age-old joke that there are more goats in New Zealand than people, but in the wake of the Mayan apocalypse, no one is making fun of the Kiwis on this Thursday. When the clock struck twelve on 12/21/12, Kiwis took to Twitter to share the good news: the world had not ended for New Zealand. 

Some might have actually been dreading the 21st of December, the day the ancient Mayans “predicted” the “world was going to end,” but now everyone knows the ancient civilization must have been wrong. And thanks to the Kiwis, the world knows a day ahead of time. 

Luckily for Americans, when they woke up on Thursday morning, the Kiwis, who are 16 hours ahead of New Yorkers, took to Twitter to assure their U.S. friends that New Zealand had made it through to 12/21/12, without the world coming to an end.

“New Zealand” quickly became a trending term on the mini blogosphere, but most people deemed to have a “womp womp” attitude when nothing actually happened on Dec. 21, 2012.

Some popular tweets on the mini blog about New Zealand and the Mayan apocalypse were straight forward posts about how nothing had happened.

“It's the 21/12/12 in New Zealand and nothing's happened,” @Ad_Henshall wrote.

“’Hey guys, the world is still here. So you might want to return that 240 pack of toliet paper.’ -New Zealand,”  ‏@BenHeithoff said.

“The world has not ended. Sincerely, New Zealand,” @MikeAdamsNC tweeted.

“It's already Friday in New Zealand and the world hasn't ended,” @nickjackson45 revealed.

But some people had a nicer tone when they spread the news that life on Earth as would know it would continue.

“oh hey world! it's december 21st here in New Zealand, and the world is still here! you'll be safe tomorrow U.S. ;)” @ciarahanna20 kindly shared.

“It is December 21, 2012 in New Zealand right now....and we are still here. Just saying...” @waynegilbertII matter-of-factly posted.

Some people took advantage of the fact that New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of America’s east coast so they could trick their siblings.

“I just told my sister that the world ended in new Zealand and she belived me :/ hahahaha,” @greally123 joked.

While others seemed disappointed that our world wasn’t coming to an abrupt end:

“Well the world hasn't ended in New Zealand so I guess the rest of us are stuck here too :/” @WiccaPriestess tweeted.