Several news screenshots of the new "Zelda" game promised by Omega Force and Team Ninja were posted Wednesday by Japanese gaming site Famitsu. The developers announced last December that they would launch a new “Zelda”-related title sometime in 2014 or 2015. The new “Hyrule Warriors” will revolve around main protagonist Link as a soldier-in-training who must rescue Princess Zelda (surprise!) from villain Shia, an evil witch. The title will include a two-player mode that will use the Wii U’s GamePad as a separate screen.

hyrule3 "Hyrule Warriors" screenshot. Photo: Courtesy/Famitsu

For the new "Zelda" game, Nintendo is partnering with “Dynasty Warriors” publisher Tecmo Koei to create a “Zelda” game that is centered around Link fighting groups of classic “Legend Of Zelda” enemies in order to dominate territories and win battles.

“Hyrule Warriors” is considered a crossover between “The Legend of Zelda” series and the “Dynasty Warriors” series. As expected, players will control hero Link, who will participate in melee combat to take on groups of classic bad guys from the popular “Legend of Zelda” series. Publishers stated that there will be a higher focus on combat in “Hyrule Warriors” than in previous games of the well-known Nintendo franchise. Link will also use popular weapons from prior games like “Twilight Princess” and “Skyward Sword,” such as his sword, placement bombs and his well-known spin attack. Players will also be able to carry items, open chests and discover helpful objects throughout the game.

New “Hyrule Warriors” details have been uncovered via NeoGAF on Japanese site Famitsu regarding the game’s release. Allegedly, a premium set will hit shelves that will come with a Triforce shaped clock and serial codes for six exclusive costumes. The NeoGAF post also claimed the game will be playable at E3 and is currently 70 percent complete. Several screenshots were also posted on the site.

hyrule Link in "Hyrule Warriors." Photo: Courtesy/Famitsu

hyrule2 "Hyrule Warriors." Photo: Courtesy/Famitsu