Although Steve Nash is all business when he's playing basketball -- Chuck Klosterman once referred to him as The Karl Marx of the Hardwood in Esquire -- the newest Los Angeles Laker definitely knows how to have a good time off the court.

The point guard uses his own YouTube channel titled Nash Camera Action! to make parody videos of major movies that hit the theaters.

On July 5, he uploaded a 2-minute parody of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Instead of fighting The Joker or Bane, Nash's version of Bruce Wayne is motivated to lose weight. You can view the video below -- it basically looks like one of the NBA's biggest names joking around by himself in his living room.

Batsanity does look like a pretty tough workout, though. Nash is renowned around the league for his offseason training program, and his new method could be just what Kobe Bryant will be looking for to keep his body in shape for a few more seasons.

Among the funniest bits in Nash's parodies is the all-around stupidity of his Paranormal Activity spoof. Nash claims to film himself sleeping because his teammates said they heard ghosts overnight. Only instead of featuring loud bangs as in the real movie, Nash yells in his sleep at referees and exaggerates what looks like a -- well, you'll see.

Nash also takes on one of the most revered roles in cinema history with The Godfather. Nash does a pretty solid Marlon Brando impression en route to eating a lot of grapes. Somehow it's dumber -- and funnier -- than it sounds.

His satire of The Bourne Legacy and The Amazing Spider-Man are hilarious, too, if only because they show basketball players can have some fun in the offseason instead of tormenting the league with their constant indecision over which team to play for.