“The Newsroom” is set to return to HBO on Nov. 9 with its Season 3 premiere, “Boston,” showing the ACN team covering the Boston Marathon Bombing in April 2013. Season 2 ended on a high note with the newsroom banding together in the wake of the Genoa scandal and Will (Jeff Daniels) proposing to Mackenzie (Emily Mortimer). However, that does not mean every relationship on the show will be perfect when “The Newsroom” returns for its final season.

TV Line has the scoop on a new love triangle brewing in Season 3. Fans will remember that Maggie Jordan (Alison Pill) had a rough Season 2 on “The Newsroom.” After a tragic trip to Africa for a story, Maggie struggled with the trauma from the trip for the rest of the season, turning to alcohol in a pattern of self-destruction that eventually affected her work and health. Apparently, though, the young journalist will have her act together in the new episodes and the new Maggie is not lost on Jim Harper (John Gallagher Jr.).

However, though Maggie might be ready to reconnect, Jim has a new girlfriend that will get in the way. Fans will remember that while Maggie was physically and emotionally M.I.A. in Season 2, Jim became involved with a reporter, Hallie Shea (Grace Gummer), he met on the campaign trail. Hallie became Jim’s girlfriend and the reporter is a series regular in the new episodes. Fans can expect some drama from this new love triangle, similar to the previous love triangle of Jim, Maggie, and Lisa (Kelen Coleman).

Jim, Maggie, Hallie might not be the only relationship drama in Season 3. The promo for the new episodes shows that Don (Thomas Sadoski) and Sloan (Olivia Munn) are having some trouble defining their new relationship.

Watch the promo for Season 3 below:

“The Newsroom” has a lot of ground to cover and only six episodes in its final season to do it. How will all the personal relationships play out and will Jim and Maggie ever get together? Find out when Season 3 of “The Newsroom” premieres Nov. 9 on HBO.

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