Newt Gingrich is not being shy about his feelings on the Arab Spring uprisings that have taken place all over the Middle East over the past year.

And by and large, he isn't happy about them, or the impact President Barack Obama my have had on them.

Gingrich has called the uprisings an anti-Christian Spring, according to CBS News.

This is why the current strategy in the Middle East is such a total grotesque failure, Gingrich said in a speech, according to CBS. People say, 'Oh, isn't this great, we're having an Arab spring.' Well, I don't know, I think we may in fact be having an anti-Christian spring. I think people should take this pretty soberly.

To support his argument, Gingrich pointed out that the number of Christians living in Iraq has dropped by half, and claimed that Christianity was subject to attack throughout the Middle East, CBS reported.

Gingrich is not the first GOP presidential hopeful to weigh in on the movement.

The American magazine's website reported in September that Rick Perry embraced the protests during a speech at Liberty University, citing them as an example of promoting freedom from tyranny.

Favorite Mitt Romney, meanwhile, fell more in line with Gingrich. He blamed Obama for allowing the protests to get out of control, according to the Arab American Institute.