On Thursday night NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league would prefer to put a new team in Los Angeles, Calif. as opposed to moving a current team to Los Angeles.

We probably don't want to go to 33, Goodell told Bob Costas on the interview show Costas Live, on the NBC Sports Network.  You can see the entire interview here on ProFootballTalk.com.

Goodell elaborated that an uneven number of teams would create too many scheduling conflicts, including forcing one team to be off each week, so the powers that be in the NFL would add another city to the league when and if Los Angeles builds one of their proposed stadiums.

But where could that mysterious thirty-fourth team end up? Here we propose five potential landing spots for the team that would balance Los Angeles.

London, England and Toronto, Canada have both been suggested as places that could get teams in the future as they have both hosted a series of regular season games, but in reality neither is feasible.

A team in London would be a 12 hour flight from teams like Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland and Phoenix. Teams that have to fly from coast to coast within the US already have a competitive disadvantage. The NFL would not be willing to put that burden on their teams.

Toronto is much closer and seems like a reasonable option but the Bills Toronto Series has been a disappointment. The NFL has had trouble selling all 54,000 seats a significantly smaller amount than even the smallest NFL stadium, Solider Field (61,500).

The crowds who have showed up have been largely quiet and disinterested and both the Bills and the NFL have intimated that they are less than happy with the results.