NFL owner Jim Irsay of the Indianapolis Colts used his Twitter account to pay a fan $8,500 during a contest he held on the score of Sunday’s Baltimore Ravens-New England Patriots game.

Irsay tweeted the rules of the contest on Sunday. He offered $8,500 to the first follower who could correctly guess the score of the game, with a one-point cushion given for both teams.

Twitter user @mikesong, identified in media reports only as an NFL fan named Jason, predicted the score would be 27-14. The score wound up being 28-13, putting the user’s guess within Irsay’s margin of error.

The user said the NFL owner sent him a direct message on Twitter asking for his address. He later received a FedEx envelope stuffed with $8,500 in cash.

Jason received a ton of tweets congratulating him on his bounty.

He tweeted, “yeah fed ex, had me sign for it and had to show ID … I had no idea it would be cash.”

Jason has received newfound fame due to the NFL owner’s generosity. He tweeted that he was going to be on the Indianapolis sports radio station WNDE at 4:15 p.m. Thursday to talk about winning the contest.

Irsay was conducting other contests through his Twitter account, which has surged in followers since word spread about the owner's penchant for sharing his wealth.

The Colts owner offered $500 in a “conservative pick” contest to the first winner to correctly guess the winner of the Ravens-Patriots game, which was won by Baltimore.

In other Sunday NFL action, Irsay offered $2,000 to the first person to predict the winner of the San Francisco 49ers-Atlanta Falcons game, the quarterback with the highest quarterback rating in the game and the total combined score of both teams.

Irsay now has more than 200,000 followers on Twitter, and users of the micro-blogging website are both praising him and sending him requests for cash.

@JimIrsay I need your help. I'm in desperate need of a newer car. I've had 2 stolen cars and the car need repairs anything will help,” wrote @Jakelongmn.

“Jim irsay gave fans money for guessing scores right. One fan got 8000. I know who I'm following! Lol,” tweeted @YoungBlackKing1.

“Wow so generous Mr @JimIrsay! Who says being nice is dead?#ThumbsUp,” said Brandi Wagner.

Others are frothing at the mouth over what Irsay might have in store for the Super Bowl, when the Ravens will take on the 49ers on Feb. 3 in New Orleans to determine the NFL champion.

@JimIrsay What do you have up your sleeve for Super Bowl?” asked Joel A. Salazar.