Nick Cannon is tired of all the tabloid rumors surrounding his split from Mariah Carey, so he released a freestyle addressing their divorce. In the song, titled “Divorce Papers,” Cannon opens up about their failed marriage, their two kids and the constant media attention surrounding the breakup.

“When y’all need help, ya’ll call me. When I need help, y’all call TMZ,” Cannon raps at one point in the song. “And y’all believe everything that y’all see … Hate is a disease.”

At another point in the almost-five-minute track, Cannon says: “When the world hate you because of what she sing about, I should have listened to y’all tips, bring ’em out. What happened to the rings? Did she fling them out … We’re single now, but what we really need to think about is how a child deals, how a child feels because we got two and they brilliant for real.”

The 35-year-old “America’s Got Talent” host ended the rap by saying he was going to sign the divorce papers. In an interview with, Cannon admitted he was hesitant to release “Divorce Papers” because he didn’t want the tabloids misconstruing the song.

“My purpose for creating this ‘Divorce Papers’ freestyle was not to feed the tabloid chatter, or even to diffuse it,” he explained. “This was strictly a creative way for me to express my frustrations with the media, the naysayers, myself and ultimately with the voices in my head. … I’ve been sitting on the song for almost a week now because I was really torn on whether or not I should release it. The last thing I would ever want to do is add fuel to the fire, especially a fire that was fabricated by the press. But, ultimately I felt it was necessary to clear the air and set the record straight once and for all.”

According to the actor and TV personality, he and Carey are on good terms and are “diligently moving things along” so they can both get on with their lives. “I am happy for her and all her new endeavors, both personal ones and professional ones,” he told the outlet. “I sincerely hope the media doesn’t once again try to manipulate my words or my purpose for releasing this song.”  

As previously reported, it was rumored that Cannon, who filed for divorce from Carey in 2014, was stalling the process to officially end their marriage because he wasn’t ready to let her go. TMZ reported that the “Fantasy” singer, who’s engaged to businessman James Packer, has been trying to get her estranged husband to sign the divorce papers for almost a year but he kept refusing. Cannon denied the rumor tweeting that it was a “lie.” “Tell your so called ‘sources’ to call me,” he added.