Rapper Nicki Minaj won her Twitter followers over the weekend. She offered to pay a percentage of the loans for straight-A college students. As of Sunday, a handful of Twitter users verified that they’d been wired lump sums toward their tuition from Minaj.

The torrent of requests for payments began Saturday evening after one bold fan responded to Minaj's tweets about her #RegretInYourTears challenge. The fan, Twitter user @cjbydesign, asked Minaj to reallocate funds she’d use to fly fans to the Billboard Music Awards to the fan’s student loan payments instead.

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“Show me straight A's that I can verify [with your] school and I'll pay it,” Minaj tweeted. “Who wants to join THAT contest?! Dead serious. [Should] I set it up?”

Soon, fan requests for help paying their tuition began flooding her feed. Minaj responded to more than 20 fans who requested sponsorship, and TMZ reported Sunday that it was able to verify at least a handful of individuals had received payments of between $500-800.

Minaj tweeted early Sunday that she was closing her unofficial scholarship program for the time being but added that she would table the offer again in “a month or two.”

The late night philanthropy began after Minaj kicked off her #RegretInYourTears challenge, which asked fans to create their own music video for the rapper’s single for a chance to meet Minaj in person. Finalists of the challenge will have the chance to attend the Billboard Music Awards with Minaj in Vegas May 21.