Nicki Minaj certainly never ceases to amaze; but bringing the Pope as her date to the 2012 Grammys might have been a step too far.

Minaj attended the 2012 Grammys in Los Angeles Sunday night dressed in a Little Red Riding Hood-inspired get-up made by Versace. The dramatic outfit was made of red satin and came complete with a hood and a large face embroidered on the skirt.

However, it was not the ensemble that caught the most attention, but rather the man on Nicki Minaj's arm. Minaj brought a man dressed up as a Pope, in white robes and hat, as her date.

It's the egg moment of the year, E! News fashion correspondent Kelly Osbourne said of Minaj's look. Osbourne referenced Lady Gaga's strange egg ensemble from the 2011 Grammys. Gaga attended the awards show last year entering in an egg and being born wearing a yolk-colored plastic dress.

Giuliana Rancic was not impressed. There comes a point when it is just too costumy, said Rancic during E!'s Live from the Red Carpet show.

It's a little bonkers, E! co-host Ross Mathews added.

Twitter users were not impressed, either. Nicki Minaj got blasted for her wacky outfit and her Pope escort. Oh, Nicki Minaj, so many people have done blasphemy so much better, tweeted Emily Zanotti, political blogger.

Others commented on her attempt at mimicking Lady Gaga's outrageousness. Dearest Nicki Minaj: We love you as you are. Please don't turn into Lady Gaga, tweeted Glamour magazine. Nicki Minaj is trying to keep up with GaGa too much for me. SMH tweeted another user.

Not only were Nicki Minaj's attire and Pope escort extremely strange, so was her performance of Roman Holiday. Weird facial expressions, sacrilegious references, exorcisms and bad wigs did not land Minaj on the post-Grammy hit list.

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