Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj, when she first became famous, had a love for various colorful wigs Photo: Tumblr

Nicki Minaj was known for her array of colorful wigs when she first became famous, but these days she has toned down her look with blonde hair, and most recently, a natural black hue. On Wednesday night, the curvy rapper flooded Instagram with a number of selfies showing off her body and her natural hair.

While Minaj often flaunts her body, she rarely shows off her real hair, and usually covers it with weaves or wigs. She has been one of many black celebrities who has promoted and glorified fake hair to mimic a certain standard of beauty.

In her 2011 single "Did it On Em," many black women were in uproar when Minaj rapped, "These nappy headed hoes need a perminator," criticizing black women's natural locks. But lately, she has been embracing her natural hair and showing it off to fans.

In the various shots she posted on Instagram, Minaj reveals that her natural hair is quite healthy and goes down her back. (View the photos here.) The 31-year-old first revealed her natural hair without a wig in October 2012, posting a picture on Twitter. “The [expletive] I do for my barbz. Sighs,” Minaj tweeted after showing off a picture of her hair, which a hairdresser was holding onto. “No chemicals. No perm,” Minaj added.  

Her fans were obviously impressed. “Like wow she doesn’t need a [expletive] wig and now I’m mad,” one of Minaj’s followers wrote. “Her hair is sooo [expletive] pretty. I love the diversity of the wigs tho [sic]!” another fan said.