You may be hearing Nicki Minaj's latest single on the radio, but don't count on catching the music video any time soon. At least not on BET, that is. TMZ reported that the network banned Minaj's Stupid Hoe video- dubbing it as just too explicit for TV.

The video, which features paint-splattered colors and Minaj dancing half naked, debuted on YouTube Jan. 20. The diss-track is aimed at veteran rival rapper Lil' Kim, but the lyrics have been enduring some criticism.

In the tradition of diss tracks, it's pretty weak, wrote the Village Voice.

BET isn't the only major music network to disapprove of Minaj's approach. Despite praising her initially, MTV blogger Sam Lansky was not impressed with the track's transition to screen.

It feels less like you're honoring your recent predecessors and more like you were strapped for creativity, Lansky wrote on MTV's Buzzworthy blog.

But, as reported by VIBE Vixen, Minaj's video may go a step beyond explicit and border into hypocritical. The hip-hop diva has been accused of mimicking Lil' Kim's image, despite their gridlocked rivalry.

If you call someone a 'stupid hoe' and make a profession doing your best imitation of that person, what does that make you?