Nigeria said on Friday it could report Iran to the UN Security Council over illegal arms shipment, if any sanctions were breached.

On October 26, security agencies in Nigeria intercepted a shipment of 13 containers of rocket launchers, grenades and ammunition at the port of Lagos. An Iranian company allegedly used a French shipping company's vessels to illegally transport the arms from Bandar-Abbas in Iran. According to Nigerian officials the consignment was labeled as packages of glass wool and pallets of stone. Iran is forbidden from exporting any weapons from its territory. 

Speaking to reporters in the capital Abuja on Friday, Nigerian foreign minister stated that the consignment originated from Iran, a detail also confirmed by the Iranian government. However, Nigeria is yet to notify the UN on the incident. 

If Nigeria finds in the conclusion of investigations that there has been a breach of any sanctions, as a member of the U.N. Council we would do what is necessary, Odein Ajumogobia, the foreign minister said.

Iran had also authorized Nigerian authorities to interrogate the Iranian citizen accused of shipping the arms consignment.