As quickly as it began, the nation's largest gaming retailer sold completely out of Sony Playstation 3 pre-orders.

On Tuesday, Gamestop announced that it would be selling limited amounts of pre-order positions for Sony's anticipated next-generation gaming console, however a study released on Wednesday indicates that stores sold out within minutes.

As expected, sell-outs of the pre-orders abounded, said Paul-Jon McNealy, analysts at American Technology Research. Given the relatively light launch numbers expected for the PS3, we don't believe it comes as a huge surprise.

Most stores carried only 8 slots for the system, while some larger stores were allotted 15 to 16 slots, McNealy said. Given the hype surrounding the new system, the research firm believes rival consoles from Nintendo and Microsoft will benefit from shortages.

It is our opinion that a percentage of gamers who have cash and are pre-disposed to buying a console this holiday - and can't find a PS3 - will turn to a Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360, McNealy said.

Sony's Playstation 3 is expected to be available in November, 2006.