Nintendo is about to make history: “Fire Emblem Fates,” its latest game in the “Fire Emblem” series, will include a same-sex marriage option for its characters. The game will have two versions, “Birthright” and “Conquest.” Each version will have a character that the player’s avatar can marry, should he or she choose to do so.

Polygon made and confirmed the announcement, and revealed that the Nintendo 3DS title will arrive in Japan this week, while Western gamers will have to wait until next year.

It seems that the same-sex marriage options are a bit limited. The “Conquest” edition will have a male character that male avatars can marry, while “Birthright” will have a female character that female avatars can marry.

Previously, Nintendo faced harsh criticism when one of the company’s social games for the 3DS, “Tomodachi Life,” didn’t allow same-sex marriage, Siliconera reported. That history makes the latest development seem like not just a step in a positive direction, but also an apology to those offended by “Tomodachi Life.”

“Fire Emblem Fates” will feature the same strategic gameplay and colorful characters that made previous games in the series such a hit. A number of “Fire Emblem” characters have also appeared in the “Super Smash Bros” games.

Fans can expect “Fire Emblem Fates” to hit the 3DS sometime in 2016.

Nintendo 3DS - Fire Emblem Fates E3 2015 Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Nintendo)