(Photo: Nissan) Off the success of the Nissan Leaf, the company plans to introduce a new electric van concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month.

Nissan said Thursday it will unveil two concept vehicles -- an electric van and a new Nissan Pathfinder -- next month in Detroit at the 2012 North American International Auto Show.

Nissan will debut its two new concept cars on Jan. 9. The one that might garner the most attention is the electric van, a novelty concept that would advance CEO Carlos Ghosn's theory that one in 10 global cars will run on battery power by 2020.

It's something we have talked about from the beginning, Nissan spokesman Brian Brockman told the International Business Times in a phone interview Thursday afternoon.

He cited the Nissan Leaf, the first plug-in electric car from a major company. Nissan said Tuesday more than 20,000 Leafs were sold globally in its first year, making it the best-selling all-electric car.

We talked about doing additional electric vehicles, Brockman added. One is the concept of an electric van.

The electric van, though, is still a concept in its infancy. Nissan didn't specify a date to start production, but it did say it would dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the van while also providing businesses and families with more space and room to suit their needs. Nissan said Tuesday that FedEx will test a battery-powered Nissan NV200 over a two-month period to make some of the company's deliveries.

The Pathfinder concept, however, is one that's well past its infancy and that Nissan plans to release next fall. The difference with this Pathfinder comes in what Nissan touts as an all-new look, style and attitude for the next generation of its popular SUV.

Brockman wouldn't discuss specifics of the new Pathfinder, but Car and Driver reports it will have a unibody construction and could be a hybrid.

Nissan started production of the Pathfinder in 1986. Its last major redesign was for the 2005 model.