A 65-year-old New Jersey Man was sentenced to a year in federal prison on Monday and fined $10,000 for sexually abusing a fellow airline passenger seated next to him during a Continental Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Newark in May 2010.

Ramesh Advani pleaded guilty to abusive sexual contact for groping the sleeping woman - who was nuzzled under a blanket - and sliding his hand into her pants. Two witnesses seated in the row behind the perpetrator and his victim reportedly saw what was happening and kicked the victim's seat in an attempt to wake her up, according to legal documents filed in the case.

When the woman awoke, she told airline personnel about what had happened.

Advani was detained by law enforcement authorities once the plane landed. Since the incident took place in an American aircraft over international waters, it was considered a federal crime.

Advani isn't the only person who needs a serious debriefing on airplane etiquette. The New York Post reports that Robert Vietze, a member of the U.S. Ski Team, was recently bumped from the team's developmental roster after discovering Vietze urinated on an 11-year-old girl during JetBlue flight from Oregon to New York last week.

Vietze claims he was intoxicated during the incident and did not realize he had failed to make it to the bathroom.