A secret surveillance program of the New York Police Department in 2007 has lead New Jersey Muslim leaders to meet with law enforcement officials. The meeting stems from the Associated Press revealing that NYPD had been monitoring New Jersey Muslims. Activities from the NYPD reportedly include the mapping out of mosques in Newark, as well as the monitoring of Muslim student groups.

The meeting, set to take place on Saturday in Trenton, is a private gathering. While the NYPD surveillance is being reviewed by State Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa, no investigation has been opened. According to NBC News, Muslim leaders wish for a formal investigation, and hope to gain a full account of the surveillance program.

We want them to take it seriously and to know that the civil rights of the Muslim-American community have been violated and these are serious allegations going on and we do want a full-scale investigation, stated Nadia Kahf, chairwoman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in New Jersey to NJ.com.

A 60-page report was filed from the 2007 NYPD investigation. According to the Associated Press the organization had photographed every mosque in Newark, and even eavesdropped on Muslim businesses. The report was supposed to be a police guidebook to Newark's Muslims. No mention of terrorism or criminal wrongdoings was stated in the report, says the Associated Press.

While Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie and the mayor of Newark have stated that they do not agree with the program, the NYPD is defending their actions, backing them as lawful. According to NJ.com the meeting is set to last a few hours.