The next season of CBS' widely popular "Survivor" will hit TV screens again in the fall and is set to take place in the Philippines. Fans are eagerly awaiting more information and details on the wilderness-themed survival-of-the-fittest reality show, and the latest batch of rumors suggests that an announcement may not be far off.

It was reported earlier in the summer that former Major League Baseball player Jeff Kent could appear as a cast member in the show's 25th season, but CBS has yet to make an official announcement. Survivor 2012: Philippines will premiere on Sept. 19, and with just under a month left until the show airs rumors and spoilers have surfaced.

Survivor Fandom has rounded up a list of casting rumors and spoilers for the next season.

Survivor Philippines Tribes:

- Kalabaw

- Matsing

- Tandang

Survivor Philippines- Returning Players:

- Jonathan Penner- Cook Islands, Micronesia

- Russell Swan- Samoa

- Mike Skupin- Australian Outback

Survivor Philippines- Cast Rumors:

- Sarah Naomi Dawson (age not specified)

- Malcom Freberg (26)

- Abi-Maria Gomes (32)

- Katie Hanson (20)

- Jeff Kent (44)

- Zane Knight (28)

- Dana Lambert (32)

- Angelia Layton (20)

- Artis Lewis (53)

- Roxanne Morris (27)

- Roberta Saint-Armour (27)

- Denise Marie Stapley (41)

- Lisa Whelchel (49)

- Carter Williams (21)

- Pete Yurkowski (23)

It is important to remember that this information has not yet come officially from CBS, and therefore can only be considered speculation at this point. The tipster, known as "Missyae," is the same source that revealed Jeff Kent may be joining the "Survivor" cast earlier in June.

The above spoilers were first published on Survivor Fever, where the names of these alleged cast members were listed along with biographical information and details, such as the reported players' occupation, location, physical description and age.

At the end of the previous season of "Survivor," host Jeff Probst revealed that the forthcoming series will feature returning players. It was also announced at this time that three tribes with six castaways in each tribe would participate in the "Survivor" competition in the Philippines. This does line up with the casting rumors and alleged spoilers discovered last week, but until CBS reveals more information there is no way to know for sure.

Colton Cumbie, one of the notable personalities from the most recent series, seemed like a likely addition to the competition that will take place in the Philippines, but is nowhere to be found on the casting rumors list.

That leaves viewers with one critical question: Which castaways should return?

As of now it seems that the returning players will be Jonathan Penner, Russell Swan and and Mike Skupin, but fans may have to wait until next month to find out.

Who would you like to see return to the cast of "Survivor?" Check out the promotional video tease for season 25 below, which was aired at the end of the most recent series.