Survivor South Pacific
Can the two returning players, Coach and Ozzy, take the title of sole survivor? CBS

The finale of Survivor: South Pacific is just hours away. From the personalities of Cochran and Brandon to the dominance of Coach and Ozzy, it has been a pretty good season so far (it beats Survivor: Nicaragua).

But six competitors are still grinding it out, and it is anyone's game at this point (ehh...kind of).

Here are my predictions for each of the players still in the game:

Coach: If I had to bet my house on one person who would win Survivor, it would certainly be Coach. When Coach first appeared in Survivor: Tocantins, there was no way that guy was ever going to win the game of Survivor. However, he has slowly gotten rid of some of his eccentricities and now has a very legitimate shot at winning the game. Winning, as Coach would say ... with honor and integrity.

Ozzy: If Ozzy comes back into this game from Redemption Island, he could easily make the case for the title. Many of his former tribe-mates are on the jury, which could bode well for him, and Ozzy is overall a pretty likable individual. He has performed well in challenges and has made some bold moves during the game. But Brandon may be a formidable competitor to Ozzy at Redemption, so it's far from in the bag.

Furthermore, if Ozzy comes back into the game, he could easily win the Player of the Game award.

Sophie: To me, Sophie is a bit of a dark horse. She hasn't really stood out in the game, but she has been a relatively strong competitor and has played a halfway decent social game.

Rick: I had high hopes for Rick this season. However, he hasn't really done anything that would make him worthy of the title of Sole Survivor. What are his chances of winning? Slim, meet none.

Albert: Although Brandon Hantz isn't a beloved player, not giving back the immunity necklace to Brandon may hurt Albert in the end. He also seems too wishy-washy to have courted good favor with the members of the jury. I would put Albert's chances of winning the game at around the same chances as Rick.

Brandon: Just like Uncle Russell, Brandon has absolutely no chance of winning whatsoever. He has put his foot in his mouth too many times this season and has generally rubbed people the wrong way. And unlike Uncle Russell, Brandon doesn't seem to have a good reason for his irritation. At least Russell found hidden immunity idols without any clue.

Besides who will win, there are some other things to look forward to this evening:

1. I really hope Coach pops out some Martin Luther King once said... quotes in a final jury speech.

2. Will Coach play his hidden immunity idol?

3. I'm interested to hear what Uncle Russell has to say about nephew Brandon's game strategy at the reunion show.

4. Have Cochran's tribe-mates forgiven him for his flip?

5. Is Jeff Probst's new wife going to be introduced at the reunion show?

6. Will Season 24 be filmed somewhere else besides Samoa?

Here is to 23 seasons of Survivor, and hopefully 23 more in the future.

Along with being a telecommunications and media reporter for the International Business Times, Samuel Weigley is also an avid Survivor fan and never misses an episode.