If this is the year of the e-reader, then you might be wondering what the difference is between these two devices beyond the $50 price tag. The big difference is in the hardware. You get a faster processor with more memory, a better battery and more on board storage on the Nook Tablet. Both devices are virtually identical physically, with the Nook Tablet being a bit lighter grey color and a couple ounces lighter. Furthermore, though you may not be able to tell by looking at it, the Nook Color does not have a microphone. The microphone on the Nook Tablet is used for recording narration for kids' Read and Record books. So right there is five things that are different, and if you value each one at $10 each, there is the price difference.

Inside there are some more subtle differernces. Both devices are running a tweaked version of the Android system, but you can't get apps from the Android Market. You'll have to go to Nook Apps for your downloadable games, social media and entertainment needs. The Nook Tablet also supports a bit more video playback ability. Nook Color won't play HD video, but it may get Netflix movies, eventually. That also means the Nook Color doesn't come preloaded with Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora. Those are all the differences, but both have full Web browsing capability, email, and things like free Nook support from any Barnes & Noble store. Additionally, both devices have access to the huge selection of B&N books including free sampling and PagePerfect Nook Books that are customized for the device. The PagePerfect function lets you zoom in on images, look up words and scroll through pages with a finger. Lastly, the Nook App lets you sync all your reading content to your laptop or smartphone so you can pick up right where you stopped reading before. Tell us in the comments if you are an avid e-reader.  

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