A North Carolina school is making sure a 9-year-old student will leave his 'My Little Pony' backpack at home to stop him from being bullied. According to the boy’s mother, the school said the backpack was a “trigger” for bullying.

Grayson Bruce, who is surprisingly calm about the subject, says other students punch, shove and verbally harass him because his favorite show is 'My Little Pony.'

'My Little Pony' is largely aimed at young girls. The main characters are all girls and it plays on many typical notions of what girls like, but it has amassed a strong following with young boys and grown men who praise its positive messages about friendship and its story line.

Adult fans of the show call themselves “Bronies” and regularly hold conventions and meet ups.

Noreen Bruce, Grayson’s mother, says the notion that the way to beat bullying is to prevent “triggers” is wrong. “Saying a lunchbox is a trigger for bullying, is like saying a short skirt is a trigger for rape,” says Bruce, “it’s flawed logic, it doesn’t make any sense.”

Another North Carolina 11-year-old attempted suicide by hanging in January after constant bullying from peers because he likes 'My Little Pony.' Michael Morones was hospitalized but is now improving, although doctors fear he will suffer permanent brain damage. There is a Twitter page for those wishing for updates and ways to help support Michael.

The school didn’t give an interview but told WLOS that having Grayson keep the bag at home was “An initial step … taken to immediately address a situation that had created a disruption in the classroom. (We) take bullying very seriously, and we will continue to take steps to resolve this issue.”

The Bruce family has decided to follow the school’s directive but disagree with the method. Noreen Grayson instead wants the bullies to be punished.