Concerned about its image, French fashion brand Lacoste has asked Norwegian police to stop allowing Anders Behring Breivik to wear its clothes.

Breivik is the man who was arrested for the terrorist attack on Oslo in July. He allegedly killed 77 people when he detonated a bomb in the capital and then went on a shooting spree at a nearby summer camp.

When appearing in court, Breivik likes to wear Lacoste clothes, a fact which is a nightmare for the company. Additionally, in what is perhaps the most famous image of Breivik, the Norwegian killer sits in a police car with a unfazed expression on his face, wearing an orange Lacoste sweater, the signature crocodile clearly visible.

The company feels that such a man sporting their clothes could do considerable harm to their reputation, an Oslo police spokesperson told The Telegraph.

It has been noted before that Breivik is obsessed with clothes and appearance. In his 1,500-page manifesto, Breivik outlined a dress code for any potential followers, insisting that refined people like him should wear brands like Lacoste.

He also requires that recruits in his army have a photo shoot done, and he recommends that they go tanning, work out and have four costume changes immediately available.

Lacoste has officially remained silent on the matter, but The Telegraph reports that the company has sent a letter to Norwegian authorities.

This situation is clearly a nightmare for one of France's most distinguished clothing companies, concluded French daily Liberation.