While Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad have dominated the tablet and eReader markets, respectively, few devices have arisen to conquer the realm of handwriting-based portable computing.

Enter the Noteslate, which places itself in a class distinct from other tablets. With a 13 screen, the Noteslate takes the slate distinction and runs with it, acting as a pure digital answer to the notepad. Running on e-Ink technology, the Noteslate's sole input method is its pen, which, in the basic model of the Noteslate, runs in one color. The Noteslate will run for $99, which places it at a lower price point than even Amazon's Kindle, and far below that of the iPad.

The technology isn't new. Devices like Apple's ill-fated Newton, the Adesso Cyberpad and HP's line of TouchSmart tablet computers also feature handwriting recognition. But the Noteslate seems to to set itself apart in its simplicity: No windows, no operating system -- just a blank slate. 

The Noteslate, however, seems to be only a concept at this point. Though the device's page says that the NoteSlate basic is slated to be available this June, little more information is available, including the name of the device's manufacturer. This means that, while interesting, the Noteslate may not actually exist.


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