The Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer unveiled an online tax calculator for New York City residents, announced Thursday.

Inspired by President Barack Obama's White House Tax Receipt released earlier this year, Stringer localized the idea and created New York City Taxpayer Receipt, which breaks down how the city spent the tax money.

 New Yorkers have been in the dark for too long about where their city tax dollars wind up, and it's our job to shine a light so constituents know exactly how they are being served Stringer said in a press release. The way New York spends our tax dollars shouldn't be a secret. As he launched the user-friendly app, he hopes New Yorkers take advantage of this new service we're unveiling today, and use the information to play a more direct role in their government.

The Taxpayer Receipt is very accessible online. Users can simply enter their New York City Tax Liability, click the button to calculate your receipt.

The app reveals that the city spends more on the Department of Education than on the Police, the Fire Department and the Department of Corrections combined.

To try the app, visit New York City Taxpayer Receipt website.